Friday, 15 August 2014

The Highgate Vampire in Art

Paintings and Photography   © †Seán Manchester


"Some years later I completed the portrait I had begun when we first met. It hung in a room where I liked to be alone, play music and write poetry; a room seldom frequented by anyone else." (The Highgate Vampire, 1991 revised/enlarged edition, page 184). 

"The leaves rose in a whirlwind of frenzy before falling aimlessly to the floor. Something cold filled the darkness of that room ... It gathered into a vague shape as a vaporous substance condensed before me and two burning eyes met my own. They gleamed like rich emeralds with glints of fire which reflected in them the very flames of perdition. Then I heard a familiar voice in my ears." (The Highgate Vampire,  Gothic Press, 1991 revised/enlarged edition, page 176).

"Something smiled in the incandescence of the street lamps ... The grip on my hand was icy cold ... a loud hissing emitted from between its gnashing teeth. What ever clung icily to my hand was transforming into a demon from hell." (The Highgate Vampire,  Gothic Press, 1991, page 176). 

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