Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Introduction to the Vampirologist (Written in Blood)

"The discovery and casting out of vampires and vampire-like 'entities' since the end of the great European epidemics of bloodletting over 250 years ago has traditionally become the province of the religious exorcist and in recent times the most high-profile figure in this aspect in Britain has been Nottinghamshire-born Seán Manchester, an author, musician, lecturer and broadcaster, who over the past three decades has established a reputation as 'the most famous vampire hunter of the twentieth century.' ... Like Montague Summers, for whose studies and writings he has shown a clear affinity, Manchester, a former portrait photographer, took holy orders. ... [He is] founder of the privately run Vampire Research Society, a sub-group within the equally obscure British Occult Society, whose Presidency he claimed for over twenty years until its dissolution in 1988." 

- Paul Adams (Written in Blood, The History Press, 2014, page 41). 

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