Sunday, 23 November 2014

Demonic Auric Imprint

Seán Manchester (from his writings) on demonic auric imprints:

Where supernatural contamination has occurred there can remain an aura of evil which seems to drain those of the requisite sensitivity when they enter the environment where the aftershock still persists. Such a place was the neo-gothic Victorian mansion known as the House of Evil on the borders of Highgate and Hornsey in the early 1970s. All that remains of the House of Evil today is its ruin façade, now incorporated into the design of the new building which replaced it after it had been demolished by public demand. Prior to the original Victorian mansion being razed to the ground (well, almost), a successful exorcism had taken place. Yet the memory of that supernatural evil is enough to haunt residents and visitors to this day. Even the most hardened sceptic cannot repress a shudder when ascending the stone steps and passing through its still extant gothic portal that refused demolition. Time, it would seem, has failed to erase the chill of the shadowless presence when  not so long ago  this same place gave witness to unearthly terror as the door between us and another world was practically ripped off its hinges. And something dark, demonic and predatory entered. Though successfully exorcised in early 1974, the auric imprint of that vampiric contagion remains and even now can be felt by visitors to the building that stands on the same unforgotten site of evil.

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