Monday, 24 November 2014

The Dark Occult

David Farrant being arrested in Monken Hadley churchyard in 1972 alongside
Victoria Jervis. He claimed at the time he was engaged in a necromantic ritual.

"Beyond the Highgate Vampire was the first contemporary account to expose the activities of Satanists in Highgate Cemetery, which may have been responsible for activating - or perhaps re-activating - a terrifying demonic entity which lurked in the environs." - David Farrant (Facebook page where he promotes his stapled pamphlet Beyond the Highgate Vampire)

David Farrant's claim that his pamphlet is the "first contemporary account to expose the activities of Satanists in Highgate Cemetery" ignores the fact that Seán Manchester's book The Highgate Vampire: The Infernal World of the Undead Unearthed at London's Famous Highgate Cemetery and Environs had already exposed the activities of Satanists in Highgate Cemetery some six years earlier, as had an article featuring Seán Manchester in the Hornsey Journal, 28 August 1970, twenty-one years prior to the first appearance of Farrant's self-published Beyond the Highgate Vampire.

Ironically, Farrant has not only stated a great many times that he does not accept the existence of vampires but also that he totally rejects the existence of demons. He has also admitted in recorded interviews (The Devil's Fool CD) that he would be perceived by most people to be a Satanist. 

Farrant said about Satanism that he was "neither one thing or the other," but has openly worshipped Lucifer, as seen four minutes into this video clip:

The naked female is Colette Sully aka Colette Gee whom Farrant married soon after his release from prison in 1976. She became his second wife. They eventually divorced and he did not remarry.

In the summer of 1970, both vampiric and satanic outrages were occurring at London's Highgate Cemetery, culminating in the press learning of Seán Manchester's secret exorcism of a tomb:

Such exorcisms were not uncommon and a theory about Satanists summoning an erstwhile dormant vampire had already become established in some quarters. This exorcism was reconstructed two months later by the BBC for their television documentary programme 24 Hours, 15 October 1970.

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